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Advice about the Use of Anesthetics by Your General Practitioner, Dentist or Dental Surgeon

The Bosscher Foundation believes that the use of anesthetics containing articaine, such as Ultracain™ and Septanest™, should be avoided as long as there is uncertainty whether or not cholinesterase levels in your blood are quantitatively high enough, and qualitatively effective enough, to break down articaine. The Bosscher Foundation is supported in this opinion by the Ultracain™ information leaflet, which states that:

"Ultracain may not be administered to patients with cholinesterase deficiency, unless there are strict indications for its use. This is due to a possible prolonged working effect of Ultracain in these patients and in some cases extremely strong effects".

In such cases, ask your general practitioner, dentist or dental surgeon to use another anesthetic Do ask this, however, at least two weeks before your treatment in order to give your doctor the time to order a suitable, alternative product.

Ask your doctor's advice about alternative anesthetics. If he or she is unable or unwilling to advise you on such matters, then the Bosscher Foundation suggests one of the following products:


Make the final decision together with
the doctor or dentist carrying out your treatment!