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 This website is the realization of an initiative by the management and the medical advice group of the Bosscher Foundation s.l.a.
The chief editors are:

  • Marianne Govers, chairperson of the Bosscher Foundation and dentist
  • Dick van Vlaardingen, secretary of the Bosscher Foundation
  • Kees Jaap Hoevers, dentist and dental advisor to the Bosscher Foundation

The Science Shop for Medicines at the Pharmacy Faculty, University of Utrecht has carried out research into the unsuspected side effects of articaine at the request of the Bosscher Foundation. This research has been published under the name:

Articaïne, een literatuuronderzoek naar de ongewenste effecten.
(Articaine, a Review Article into Undesired Effects)

The Science Shop for Medicine at the University Centre for Pharmacy, University of Groningen has collaborated on research carried out under the title:

Articaïne. Een briefwisseling, Najaar 2000.
(Articaine. An Exchange of Letters, Autumn 2000)

Unfortunately, there is a publication ban on the results of this research imposed by the University of Groningen.

Furthermore, the Bosscher Foundation has requested research into the epidemiological aspects of articaine. This research has been carried out in the form of a thesis report and appeared in a draft version under the title:

Articaïne, maart-oktober 2001.
(Articaine, March-October 2001)

We are most grateful to both Science Shops for Medicine for the independent, scientific research that has taken place, as well as for the knowledge that they have supplied during many meetings, and which has been of tremendous support to us during the realization of this website.

This project has been coordinated under the legal supervision of:

De Voort Hermes De Bont, Lawyers and Mediators, Tilburg by mr C.A.M. Swagemakers - Website


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